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Relentless Execution by Yolanda Spearman
Yolanda Spearman, Author of Relentless Execution
Relentless Execution by Yolanda Spearman

Relentless Execution

by Yolanda Spearman

Today more than two thirds of the working population feel disengaged at work. While a study in an issue of the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin indicates that about 90% of the adult population lives with regrets. No person is born with regrets, many die with them. The day we allow ourselves to stop dreaming is the day we begin to live with our very first regret.

Relentless Execution is about accomplishing your dreams. This book gives you a foundation to help you understand how you can set up internal systems that will allow you to finish more of what you start.

This is a light-hearted fun read. It is relatable and will bring a smile to your face and a pen to your hand. Yolanda poses thought provoking questions throughout the book to keep you engaged and to encourage you to act.

Many self-help books offer traditional plans to successful living. Relentless Execution uses testimonials to peel back the emotional layers that may be holding you back from achieving optimal results.
Relentless Execution pushes you to:

  • Do what makes you happy
  • Find your focus
  • Follow through on your goals and aspirations

The Author makes it easy and fun to connect the dots and find your personal path to success however that may look for you.

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Yolanda Spearman, Author of Relentless Execution

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