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A Powerful Cup of Coffee

by | Sep 25, 2023 | life

Sitting in front of the camera during a Zoom meeting and being told that you were the only person left out on a new project, but “not on purpose”… that was my situation not long ago. As I sat there with that fake smile thinking a lot of things, I went through this internal rant. It started like this: I have more experience… they left me out because… I think they did it on purpose…

Then, I sat down and grabbed a beloved cup of coffee – nice and frothy, just the way I like it. As I sipped, I meditated. Looking out my window at my lovely red begonias and the tall grasses blooming with their brown tufts, I realized that one person’s decision is not my destiny. Just because they didn’t think I was needed for this project doesn’t make me less. I am enough exactly the way I am and where I am. 

I felt I should share that today because sometimes we feel overlooked, unseen and left out. But when we change those words to elevate our mindset, we are not overlooked… we are prepared and waiting. We are not unseen… we are yet to be selected by the one who respects our vision. We are not left out… we are sitting on the steps of destiny and no man can take what is designed for us. 

Sometimes things happen in life to teach us a lesson about ourselves. We have the power to choose how we will react to these situations. We can lash out – or we can reflect, learn and grow. How we do that is up to us. 

Attitude is a choice (and that was a powerful cup of coffee.) 

As always, be inspired!


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