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Do you love VO?

by | Dec 15, 2022 | voiceover

Let’s talk about the F word: FUN

If you don’t love it, why bother? 

Ok, I admit that may be a stretch. It’s hard to truly love something you know little to nothing about, but your heart should be in it, at least somewhat. If you can fall in love with the journey, rather than focusing on the result, the entire experience becomes much more worth it. 

When’s the last time you had fun? As an artist of any kind, having fun is crucial, and oftentimes, it doesn’t receive the acknowledgment it deserves. Like I’ve said before, a significant aspect of doing voiceovers is conveying an emotion (or several!) using only your voice. However, it is likely that whatever emotion you feel while recording will translate into your performance. So, if you hate what you’re doing, your audience will sense that, just as they would if you love what you’re doing. 

Laugh a little! Lighten the load.

Having fun makes it easier to unleash the boundless actor within, something that will surely come in handy. A lot of people approach auditions, and even jobs they’ve booked, with their minds brimming with worries. If anxiety-stricken preparation is a typical part of your process, your performance will suffer. The point is to show up as your most authentic self, and when your nerves are in control, your creativity is negatively impacted. Not to mention, people are more inclined to book you if you come across as “fun to work with”, and that can only be consistently conveyed if you’re genuinely having fun, so loosen up! Stick your tongue out, make a funny face – anything to take the pressure off.

Don’t sacrifice your happiness for $$$ – you’ll regret it.

A lot of people decide to do voiceovers because of the high earning potential. However, solely chasing dollar signs is not a wise thing to do. First off, it takes time and effort to see the results that most people hope for, and if you don’t truly enjoy doing voiceovers, you’ll probably give up before reaching that point. Or, if you do manage to start making money, but enjoy nothing else about it, you’ll likely be miserable as a voiceover artist. What good is making a bunch of money if the career itself doesn’t actually make you happy? 

Imagine, sitting in your small home studio, alone, talking to an electronic device, trying to convey some character in a story that you’re barely invested in. You’re counting the seconds until it’s over, hoping it was decent enough to book the job. Alas, it was not. The directors could hear the hatred in your voice, thus your time and efforts, are wasted. And for what exactly? The ‘potential’ of earning big bucks? That’s a long-term recipe for disaster. There are so many career paths with high-earning potential, and you can easily find something you enjoy if you know yourself well enough. It boils down to simply being honest with yourself. 

Reach in and pull out your best creative self.

As you probably know by now, voiceover equipment is not cheap, and you just won’t get anywhere without it. You need equipment and software to record and edit your demos, which is what you will use to audition. The number one reason auditions get rejected is poor audio quality, so buying quality equipment is not an optional part of the process. 

You’ll also need to invest in training, marketing, and other tools to take your career to a sustainable level. That said, the starting process can bring about a hefty financial burden, which is something to consider before getting started. If you’re in a constant struggle and severely stressed over money, it’s harder to focus on being your best creative self. It’s helpful to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Fragile self-esteem can prevent you from making progress. You’ll inevitably face rejection and criticism, and just uncomfortable moments in general, and you should not be phased by it. Try to view each obstacle as a mountain that you’re ready to tackle to the top, and this endeavor will bring you much more pleasure. 

I love it here (:

Me? I love being a voiceover artist, and everything that comes with it! The entire process, from the auditions to getting paid for my work is fulfilling, to say the least. I took on doing voiceovers as a second career, and it has been tremendously rewarding, mainly because of the freedom it grants me. How many careers allow you to say yes to what you want and no to what you don’t? Not many, but when it comes to doing voiceovers, I always have a choice. Every day in the voiceover world presents new opportunities to learn, grow, book, get paid, and meet people. If the freedom to choose, accompanied by new opportunities, excites you, then you’re in the right place. Welcome! I’m glad you’re here. 


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