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Voiceover Tips for Success

by | Nov 15, 2022 | voiceover

Remember: There is a Top for Every Pot and a Voice for Every Spot! That voice could be yours. If you are interested in becoming a voice actor, but don’t know how to start, keep reading for my voiceover tips for beginners!


  1. Find a local class. 
    • Join a class in your local community. Look for a voiceover 101 course. Here you will learn about the professional recording studios, agents, and you will find out where local talent get their demos done. 
  2. Create a demo or a sample of your voice.
    • You should expect to leave the class with 2 important items – scripts that you have practiced, and a studio that can record your first demo. A demo should have 5-6 commercial spots and be 1 minute or so. 
  3. Set up your home studio.
    • You will need a powerful computer and recording software (i.e. Garageband, Audacity, Reaper, Adobe Audition)
    • You will need a microphone (Rode Nt1a, Audio Technica 2035a are great options. NO YETI SNOWBALL.) 
    • You will need a pop filter, a mic stand, and soundproofing materials for your recording area. 
    • You will need XLR cables and headphones. 
  4. Audition to get jobs.
    • Easier said than done! Start with a pay-to-play (like voice123.com’s free membership – it’s a good way to get your feet wet, you will only be able to audition when you are invited on the free version)
      • Food for thought: If you pay for a membership tier, you get more access to more auditions and higher-paying opportunities. 
  5. Practice and take notes. 
    • The only way you become good at this is to practice. Read scripts daily. Record yourself. Audition. Practice commercials. Learn how to navigate from emotion to emotion: happy vs. bubbly, sad vs. serious, annoyed vs. concerned. Master the conversational read. 
  6. You auditioned… now what?
    • Once you audition, you need to write up a small proposal. There are a few key things to know – how much to get paid is a big one! Go to the rate guide on globalvoiceacademy.com to see industry averages. 
    • Include the number of edits that come included with your rate and how quickly you can do the work. Typically, 24-48 hours is the norm, although you will get brownie points for same-day turnaround!
    • As a general rule, avoid jobs with usage defined as perpetuity. 
  7. Join the VO Community!
    • There are a lot of groups out there for beginners.
    • Get involved on Facebook pages like JMC voiceover group or Marc Scott’sVOpreneur. 
    • Attend the big conferences. These conferences can change your voiceover career overnight. Research the One Voice Conference, VOAtlanta, MAVO, and SOVAS. 
    • Want to learn more from me? Stay connected! My class will be out soon. 


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